Beyond Supervision

Weekend Retreat

June 22nd & 23rd

Lawrence, KS


You are invited to join us a weekend of restoration, remembering, and realignment.

Beyond Supervision (25)

Are you noticing any of these things?

  • Feeling disconnected from yourself
  • Feeling disconnected from your purpose
  • Distrusting yourself, what you know, and questioning the tools you use
  • Overwhelm
  • Lack of community
  • Difficulty acknowledging and/or meeting your needs
  • Trying to keep it all together
  • Not knowing how to be in balance
  • Feeling like you have to have all the answers

We know that working as a counselor, therapist, social worker, or healing arts practitioner can be challenging.

You have received quality training, and you participate in ongoing education and supportive supervision. And still, something still is missing...

Beyond Supervision is here to help you fill in the gaps.


We're offering you an opportunity to locate and secure your own oxygen mask so that you can serve others from a place of embodied purpose and connection.

Beyond Supervision (26)

During this special weekend retreat, you will be invited to...

  • Slow down and rest 
  • Utilize somatic and mindfulness practices that allow you to return to your body and the felt sense
  • Cultivate a sense of compassion, support, and safety within yourself
  • Nourish the capacity to be present with yourself and others
  • Spend time with others to support nervous system regulation
  • Reignite the passion and purpose for your work by reconnecting with the original longing that brought you to this field in the first place
  • Become a bridge for a new way of working in which YOUR NERVOUS SYSTEM is a resource for the clients you serve

Accepting Applications Now!

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