We are conducting a survey to understand better the unique needs of the therapists, social workers, and healing arts practitioners doing vital wellness work in our communities. We want to support you as you support others. The data collected from this survey will be used for advocacy and program development.

Advocacy and Self-Care for Therapists and Healing Arts Practitioners Survey

A qualitative study investigating therapist and healing arts practitioners training, stress levels, involvement with self-care and embodiment practices, and level of career satisfaction.


First Survey - October 2023

How long have you worked in this field?
Do you feel your training has adequately prepared you for the work you do?
How stressful is your work on a daily basis?
How often do you engage in self-care practice?
Do you engage in embodiment practices for self-care? (ie yoga, breath work, dance, unstructured movement, TRE, etc...)
How often do you engage in embodiment practice?
What level of support do you receive to do your job? (ie supervision, administrative support, colleague support, etc...)
How meaningful do you find your work?
How satisfied are you in your job/career?

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