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A note about us from Cassie (Left) and Jennifer (Right).

Cassie and Jennifer met in 2015 at the encouragement of friends who knew both of them. Each of them was practicing hypnotherapy and hosting women's groups, and those who knew them could see they had much in common.

In their first meeting, they talked about a dream -  that both of them had - for creating greater community for the therapists, social workers, and healing arts practitioners in the greater Lawrence area. They both desired to be part of a community of practitioners who knew each other on a heart level, supported each other's work and business, and had a rich referral source for the clients they serve. For none of us can do deep healing work without a supportive and resourced community. And they both wanted to help create that community  - for all of us. To that end, Cassie and Jennifer began The Lawrence Healers Network, a networking group of healing arts practitioners that met monthly from 2017 until the pandemic.

Of course, everything changed with the pandemic. The Lawrence Healer's Network meetings were moved online for a few months and then both Cassie and Jennifer went through significant life changes that included moves and graduate school. During all of this, the Lawrence Healer's Network shifted form.

In the early summer of 2023, Cassie and Jennifer once again resumed discussions about the continuing need for practitioners in our area to have a supportive community, and their desire to bring people together. After many deep and exciting conversations about how this could happen, Beyond Supervision was born.

Cassie and Jennifer adore working together! They have formed a relationship of realness, honesty, openness, trust, love, and support for each other. They both love many of the same things and have studied some of the same approaches. And, each of them also brings a wonderful uniqueness to the collaboration. Cassie embodies a cosmic visionary and Jennifer a flowing river. Each is dedicated to being their unique self while also supporting the other as they navigate the inner workings of Beyond Supervision.


Together, they are crafting a beautiful business of teaching, mentoring, supporting, and creating community for therapists, social workers, and healing arts practitioners. They host monthly webinars and record podcasts, offer talks and teachings, do important program development and advocacy research, and speak to local groups and organizations.

If you would like them to speak at or host an event for your organization, you can contact them at beyondsupervision @ gmail . com

Cassie Jones, MS, LCPC, ACHT

Researcher | Storyteller | Somatic Psychotherapist | Mentor | Consultant | ​Educator, Speaker, and Visionary for a Healing, Heart-Led, Human Kind


I have tasted many worlds on my adventure thus far. I have been a licensed cosmetologist since 1999 and have worked in many of the "systems" - jails, schools, child welfare, and shelters. I have been leading healing groups and women's circles since 2005 and teaching classes since 2008 on all kinds of subjects, from psychology 101 to chakra healing techniques. For the last 8 years, I have held sacred space in a private therapeutic practice in Lawrence, Kansas where I offer healing sessions, teach weekly groups, and hold breathwork retreats.


My Dharma in this life is to help people touch, accept, and heal who they really are and to "teach the teachers" and "heal the healers" (I have only asked the question a million times and that sentence is written in every journal of my healing journey!) I also feel like a part of my purpose is creating the perfect healing environments (classes, workshops, and retreats) for your magical inner child to be seen, heard, valued, and witnessed by other healing humans,

Some of Cassie's Education Has Included

  • ​LCPC- Kansas Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor
  • Licensed Kansas School Counselor Pre K-12
  • Internal Family Systems Inspired Life Coach​
  • Master's Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling
  • Master's Degree in School Counseling​
  • Bachelor's Degree in Rehabilitation Education
  • ​Attachment and Trauma Specialist
  • Trained Educator for The Gottman Institute
  • Heart Math Trauma Specialist
  • Collective Grief Work Specialist
  • Heart-Centered Hypnotherapist
  • Reiki Practitioner
  • ​Licensed Cosmetologist (since I was 19!)

Jennifer Welch, MME-MT, SEP, CHt.

Experiential Embodiment Healing Arts Practitioner | Musician and Music Therapist | Somatic Experiencing Practitioner| Consultant | Humanitarian Dedicated to Living and Working for Embodied Love and Liberation for All


My path as a practitioner has been like walking the spiral of time. My educational adventures have taken me to many places, some quite unexpected, as I have continued to orbit around the calling that draws me closer and closer to the heart of myself.

I started out pursuing music therapy and worked as a music therapist for twelve-plus years (in schools with children and then on the ICUs of a city hospital). During that time, I was also fascinated by and studied other mind-body modalities that allowed me to expand the scope of my work.

Currently in my private practice, I combine all of the tools I have studied, including Somatic Experiencing, Hypnotherapy, Cellular Release Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, and Music Therapy to support clients in addressing trauma, complex and early childhood trauma, and relational issues.

I see that each of us is on our own hero or heroine's journey, making our way "home" to the evolutionary true nature of who we are. I feel that the closer we can be - to our own truth, to the felt experience of the body and emotions, and to the Great Mystery that breathes and moves us - the more we are open to experiencing purpose and joy. It is my hope that this is what I offer in the services I provide - a pathway home to oneself, held in the palm of unconditional compassion and love.

Some of Jennifer's Education Has Included

  • ​Vocal Psychotherapy Certification
  • Master of Music Education (Emphasis in Music Therapy)
  • Foundations of a Polyvagal Informed Practice Practitioner
  • Somatic Experiencing Practitioner
  • Gestalt Therapeutic Process Practitioner
  • Women's Leadership Training
  • Cellular Release Therapist
  • Whole Health Hypnotherapy Certification
  • Usui Reiki Level 1 Attunement
  • Bachelor of Music Therapy
  • Associate of Arts

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