Creating a community of networking, re-membering, and research for therapeutic alliance, activism, and advocacy

calling all therapists

Calling all therapists, social workers, and healing arts practitioners

We know that working as a counselor, therapist, social worker, or healing arts practitioner can be challenging.

You have received quality training, and you participate in ongoing education and supportive supervision. And still, something still is missing...

Beyond Supervision is here to help you fill in the gaps.

We're offering personal experiential embodiment practices and community-building events that give you an opportunity to locate and secure your own oxygen mask so that you can serve others from a place of embodied purpose and connection.

How We Serve You, Our Precious Community

We offer local live community-building networking events and nourishing retreats, and online podcasts, webinars, classes, and mentoring to support you in living from a place of embodied purpose and ease

About Us

Beyond Supervision has been created by Cassie Jones and Jennifer Welch, of Lawrence, KS. Both Cassie and Jennifer have been working in the healing arts field for over two decades and collectively have spent thousands of hours working with individual clients and leading groups of people through self-transformation processes. Each of them has had extensive training in traditional and alternative therapeutic modalities. They both specialize in offering experiential therapies that utilize a holistic (mind-body-soul) lens.

In 2018, Cassie and Jennifer formed the Lawrence Healer's Network to invite local area practitioners to come together. Since then, their work has evolved. Individually and collectively, they are committed to supporting local healers & helpers in cultivating community and to start ...healing.


Cassie Jones
Mentor, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Somatic Embodiment Practitioner, Breathwork Facilitator, and Heart-Centered Hypnotherapist


Jennifer Welch
Mentor, Board-Certified Music Therapist, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Gestalt Therapeutic Process Facilitator, and Counseling Clinical Hypnotherapist

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